He's is the guy who orders a milkshake during a blizzard; goes to a $150 a plate charity dinner in a
muddy old jeep, and valet parks it; has a pizza delivered to the parking lot of another restaurant;
and wears tactical boots to weddings and funerals. Hes the kind of guy who would pay $25 for a
cheeseburger, and $49 for a suit. Hes the big brother you never had, and the relationship
counselor you wish you had. Hes the most observant person I know, and a better profiler then
anyone youve ever seen on TV. Dont ever play card games with him, because he can count cards
in his head. He does one thing very very well. He reads people. He knows people. He fixes people.
Hes just this guy who just cant NOT do the right thing. Hes a rebel, hes a cowboy, hes the guy
dressed in all black in the corner of the room. He doesnt go to sleep until the sun comes up, or
until justice is dispensed. He throws the book out the window, and blares country music from a
Jeep. Hes someone who can be anyone he wants to be, once he puts his mind to it. Hes the
defender of the neglected and abused, hes the one who stands up for the little guy. He wears his
heart on his sleeve, and his knife in his boot. Theres nobody else like him in this world, and thats
probably a good thing, because the world probably couldnt handle more then one of him.He is the
man in black. Black T-shirt and Black Medic pants. Sometimes, when he needs some color in his
life, hes finds a navy blue shirt. He drives Jeep Cherokees, and drinks Dr Pepper. He appears
when you need help, then rides off into the sunset. He helps little old ladies cross the street, and
holds doors open for women. Most importantly, when you need him, hes there to be counted on